Beef tartare served with egg

49 zł

Spicy butter shrimps, arugula, croutons

39 zł

Chicken livers with plums in kirsch

30 zł

Slices of smoked goose served on lettuce with a reduction of cola and balsamic vinegar

39 zł


Chicken stock with pasta

12 zł

Season soup

18 zł

Cream of fresh tomato soup

18 zł

Cream of mushroom soup

20 zł

Sour rye soup with egg and mashed potatoes

20 zł


Wild boar neck on pearl and beetroot salad with acompaniament of forest muschrooms

62 zł

Cheeks beff in gravy, mashed potatoes with horseradish, steamed vegetables

49 zł

Grilled beef loin, vegetables, confit potatoes with bacon

87 zł

Duck breast with chanterelle dumplings and red cabbage

51 zł

Ragout of pork tenderloin with mushrooms on potato pancakes with Swedish salad

42 zł

Veal in spicy cashew nuts, mashed potatoes with gorgonzola, spinach, vegetables, green peppercorn sauce

72 zł

Chicekn leg stuffed with chanterelles in cream and herb sauce served with potatoes and white cabbage salad

49 zł

Bone-in pork loin, fried cabbage, potatoes with dill

45 zł

Traditional pork roulade, silesian dumplings, red cabbage, sauce

43 zł

Grilled chicken fillet served on basil tagliatelle with sun-dried tomatoes

45 zł


Tomato soup with pasta

14 zł

Chicken stock with pasta

14 zł

Silesian dumplings with sauce

13 zł

Chicken nuggets, chips, tomato sauce

24 zł


12 zł


Salmon with lemon mint sauce with sugar snap peras and rice

54 zł

Pan fired trout, vegetable ratatouille, chips

46 zł


Tagliatelle with chicken, spinach, cheese, roasted sunflower seeds

42 zł

Papardelle with shrims and flavored butter

42 zł

Ruthenian dumplings or with meat

29 zł


Crunchy salads, camembert cheese, grissini breadsticks, vinaigrette

39 zł

Greek salad with marinated olives and grissini finger

37 zł


Chocolate soufflé with one scoop of ice cream

28 zł

Creamy cheesecake, ice cream, strawberry sauce

26 zł

Apple pie with one scoop of ice cream

18 zł

Ice cream deserts



Mini Pavlova cake with strawberry-cream mousse

26  zł